Please read before making a reservation (price / rules)

★about Guest House


Guest houses (including hostels) are “shared travel inns” with shared living rooms. 

Unlike hotels and inns that are highly private, 

it often refers to highly public inns that have shared spaces that emphasize connections with others,

such as first-time guests, inn staff, and local people. It has become.



You can stay without meals from 3000 to 4000 yen per night, 

or drop in at the attached cafe or bar from 1 cup. Not only that kind of ease,

 but people from all over the world, regardless of occupation, age, or nationality, 

are gathering from all over the world in search of relationships that are different 

from the usual community and local information that is not found in tourist books. I will.


There is a shared living room

You can stay without meals from 1 night * Meals and ingredients may be included

There is a dormitory (shared room) * There may be only private rooms

Shared water area such as toilet and shower * May be attached to each private room


★ About accommodation

Reservations are accepted up to 6 months in advance.

Please make a reservation from the reservation page "Availability / Reservation(English) ".(Chinese) Please make a note of the reservation number.

(Note) If the reservation date is within 2 days, please be sure to make a reservation by phone.

You can change or cancel your reservation at "Click here to confirm or cancel your reservation".


+Dormitory room sales have resumed.(Mix dormitory and female domitory)


 If you would like to pay in cash, please make a reservation here

 ➡ reservation form (pay by cash)



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